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Pawsperity unleashes human potential through the art of pet grooming. Based in Kansas City, we are the only nonprofit grooming school across the country. Our transformative program breaks the cycle of generational poverty through extensive job training within a booming industry. Our students are some of society’s most vulnerable, with a focus on single parents living in poverty. In addition to a detailed curriculum for pet grooming, our “all-in” approach includes soft skills classes such as communication and budgeting. Students also have access to a variety of wrap-around services to support them while in school such as housing, food assistance, and case management. Additional pet services are also offered to the community, including doggie daycare and a grooming salon, which help support our life-changing mission.

Pawsperity Grooming School

Pawsperity Grooming School

Pawsperity Grooming School trains students in the art of dog grooming. Our students receive 644 classroom hours under the direct supervision of professional grooming instructors.

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They don’t just teach you how to groom dogs. They teach you how to do life.

Grooming School Graduate

Pawsperity Doggie Daycare provides an enriching camp experience for your dog. All staff are extensively trained on dog health, behavior, and socialization.

We’re excited to be your best friend’s home-away-from-home while you’re at work, running errands, or having maintenance performed on your home!

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Pet Care That Unleashes Human Potential

We support parents on a path to empowerment and success. We connect students and graduates with meaningful, family-supporting work in the field of pet grooming.

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