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About Pawsperity

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Pet Care That Unleashes Human Potential

Since 2016, Pawsperity has been helping uplift families from generational poverty through job training in the art of dog grooming.

The idea came from a collision of worlds from Natasha Herdman, Founding CEO. In 2011, while working with homeless families in Kansas City, Herdman was examining all the barriers these families had to secure employment. She took a call from her mother, a lifelong pet groomer in Iowa, who told her that she would take any warm body who walked through the door—she just needed someone.

Pawsperity By the Numbers


of students have a job placement by the time they graduate


is the average annual salary of students entering our program


is the average starting salary of our graduates


students have graduated from Pawsperity since 2016

Growing up, Herdman took care of the marketing and bookkeeping for her mother’s business. She knew that the pet grooming industry was lucrative, rapidly growing, and had the flexibility parents needed to take care of their children. It didn’t require a GED and was a felon-friendly career. It provided the healing effects of the human-animal bond. That’s when it clicked. Pet grooming was the perfect trade for these families she worked with.

We believe that every individual deserves the opportunity to break free from the cycle of poverty and become self-reliant. We provide hands-on job training and soft skills courses to prepare our students not just for their careers, but for their lives going forward. Students receive courses in mindfulness, parenting, professionalism, financial literacy and more to prepare them for life beyond Pawsperity. Students also receive wraparound services like case management, housing assistance, food assistance, and medical care to help remove any barriers to completing the program.

About Pawsperity | Grooming School Graduation 2023

Our six-to-eight-month training program provides a top-of-the-line education for our students. Through 644 hours of in class instruction and soft skills courses our students are prepared for the workforce. One hundred percent of our graduates have a job lined up by the time they reach graduation.

With every successful graduate, we reinforce the belief that when given the right opportunities and support, individuals can transcend their circumstances and achieve greatness. Together, we can build a community where every family can thrive.