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For many families this time of year, summer is wrapping up, vacations are ending, and fall planning is underway. The hustle and bustle of school starting in the next few weeks can make for extra busy schedules with clothes and school supply shopping and everything else deemed “back to school.”

At Pawsperity, regardless of the time of year, we know families are struggling to simply get by day-to-day. Childcare, transportation, food, and housing continue to be critical needs of students within our program. Vacation and school clothes shopping is something seen as a luxury and frankly, never even attainable. However, with the opportunity of training in a high-demand industry like pet grooming, these basic needs can be met, along with some of the unthinkable “luxuries” many of us take for granted. We know our mission is life-changing and that drives us to continue doing what we do.

This month, we celebrate the hard work, accomplishments, and bright future of the students in Pawsperity’s Class of 2023. August 27 marks this year’s graduation date, and most importantly, a huge turning point in the lives of these graduates. Take a minute to read about Joyce, one of the amazing individuals who will soon be walking the stage.

Remember, the tuition of our program to students is free thanks to community support. However, the actual cost to go through the program averages $42,000 per student. If you are inspired to do so, I encourage you to consider the different ways you can support our students by donating or utilizing one of our pet services. While we are fortunate to be in a new larger space, please note the efforts to continue our mission are ongoing to ensure we continue changing lives.

Natasha Herdman (formerly Kirsch)
Founding CEO