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This year’s 2023 graduation proved to be an afternoon full of excitement and pride. Students have poured hundreds of hours into our grooming school over the past six to eight months.

When asking a graduate if he felt different the day after the ceremony, he said, “Yes, actually. I do.” There seemed to be a newly found confidence about him, which is common, and wonderful, to see from those who have gone through the program. What they typically feel they can accomplish after graduation is quite astounding.

Unfortunately, students usually enter our program with fractured self-esteem. They do not realize their lives, and those of their children, can be transformed forever. Pawsperity works with each student to set goals, identify, and find support networks they can rely on, and provide the assistance they need to attain a brighter and self-sustaining future. They complete 644 hours of grooming training, a variety of life skills classes, and 72 hours of soft skills classes covering topics necessary for successful employment. Equally important, individualized case management connecting students with much-needed resources and services provides each individual a way to reach their goals. The Bridge Program follows graduation and provides another 18 months of employment support, with a total in the program spanning about two years. Our job placement rate is 100%.

Hearing the cheers and applause from friends and family members when each of our graduates’ names were called during graduation was a reminder of such a triumphant moment in each of their lives. Seeing their names on the big screen, along with where they are working was affirming that Pawsperity’s “all-in” approach works. Please remember that your continued support (donating, volunteering, or utilizing our pet services) makes our mission, and each student’s life potential, possible. Visit Pawsperity – Pet Care That Unleashes Human Potential to learn more about ways you can help.

Natasha Herdman (formerly Kirsch)
Founding CEO