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As Pawsperity’s Founding CEO, my goal has always been to impact as many lives as possible. Our new facility has allowed us to help more individuals move out of poverty to not only support themselves, but also their families.


We currently have 25 students preparing for an April class. 42 students are enrolled in our Pawsperity School as we speak. Additionally, 45 graduates are working with our job coach and case management team. Typically, students are with us over the course of two years, and some even longer.


If you are not familiar with Pawsperity’s program, our students are some of society’s most vulnerable, with a focus on single parents living in poverty. In addition to a detailed grooming curriculum, our “all-in” approach includes soft skills classes. You can read more about our team of two, Emily and Mary, who oversee that part of our program in another March newsletter article. Students also have access to a variety of wrap-around services to support their needs such as housing, food assistance, and case management.


Besides fundraising and workforce development, revenue from our grooming and doggie daycare services help support our life-changing mission.  You can book your appointments today by going here or by calling 816-214-5376. We appreciate all of you who bring your dogs to us for these pet services. You may not know it, but you really are making a difference!

Natasha Herdman (formerly Kirsch)
Founding CEO