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April 12, 2024

Opening Doors to New Potential

Jodie is a proud graduate of Pawsperity’s 2022 graduating class and is celebrating her 2-year anniversary as a professional groomer at a local salon. As a dedicated single mom, Jodie, like many parents, wants only for her children to be happy and do well in life. She adds, “I feel…
Natasha’s Note
Natasha’s Notes
April 11, 2024

Natasha’s Note | April 2024

It is hard to believe that warmer weather and Spring is finally here. Like all the flowers I’ve been seeing lately, I feel Pawsperity’s community partnerships are blooming, too. A big shout out to Bar K for allowing us to have our first ever Pup Pageant at their location on…
Natasha’s Note
Natasha’s Notes
March 8, 2024

Natasha’s Note | March 2024

As Pawsperity’s Founding CEO, my goal has always been to impact as many lives as possible. Our new facility has allowed us to help more individuals move out of poverty to not only support themselves, but also their families.   We currently have 25 students preparing for an April class.…
March 6, 2024

Career Development Supported by New Friends

Victoria's life changed when she was 19 after a stroke left her unable work. At this pivotal age, she was adrift, unable to find her purpose. She spent 18 years on social security before finding Pawsperity through Ticket to Work, a social security initiative that provides career development opportunities to…
February 9, 2024

The Pitch: KC Cares: Pawsperity

For the students at Pawsperity, learning to clip dog hair is the key to finding economic stability. The nonprofit teaches pet grooming skills while also providing a net of social services to help people find their way until they can make their new trade a career.